Mama SowHi, I’m Mama Sow

An international management graduate and multilingual Junior Consultant with over 2 years of work experience in various project management positions and sectors. A strong passion for everything intercultural, unique and turning ideas into actionable plans.

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Native French speaker with fluent English and conversational level in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. I also have a beginner level in Korean.

Project Management

Managing resources: time, finances and team.

Communication and Marketing

My skillset combines ideas, and communication tools such as copywriting and presentations. I also have knowledge in graphic design and basic coding (HTML and CSS)

Strategy and analysis

As a very curious person, I thrive in problem-solving situations through what I call the R.A.O.A.R (Research Analyze Option Action Review) process.

It’s time to go into the troubleshooting mode

We’ve all been through difficult moments either in life or at work. Rejection, failure, miscommunication, boredness, and illness. All of these can be looked at from 2 different angles: Obstacles on the road Hidden opportunities boxes Let’s take an example...

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