Mama SowHi, I’m Mama Sow

A French/Senegalese, outgoing INTJ who loves ideas and turning them into reality through strategic planning.

I am a multilingual blogger, Youtuber, looking for job opportunities abroad

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Native French speaker with fluent English and conversational level in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. I also have a beginner level in Korean.

Project Management

Managing resources: time, finances and team.

Communication and Marketing

My skillset combines ideas, and communication tools such as copywriting and presentations. I also have knowledge in graphic design and basic coding (HTML and CSS)

Strategy and analysis

As a very curious person, I thrive in problem-solving situations through what I call the R.A.O.A.R (Research Analyze Option Action Review) process.

What is holding you back to be a better leader?

Today was quite a long day and instead of going to relax and buy some food I preferred to write this article and do some meal prepping … My personal adventure in Germany makes me think about the importance of drive and perseverance. We talk a lot about...

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The most powerful tool for any professional and leader

I am a true believer of facts and knowledge and more generally how powerful true knowledge can be. I believe that reading and learning either by experience or through training is vital for our personal growth and anyone looking to building leadership skills. The most...

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Solve an issue by getting to the core

The only question we should always remind ourselves is “Why”? What is the reason this person is behaving this way? Why do I want to get a promotion? Why do I feel this way? The deeper we get into the origins and sources of our current situation, the better...

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